Case studies

Proven better fuel efficiency for two new Dutch inland waterway chemical tankers

In cooperation with our partner Berger Maritiem, we design and deliver the ship’s propeller and nozzle for both ships.

Ducted propellers design for multipurpose vessel “Zwerver I”

This vessel was originally fitted with 2 azimuthal propellers, to which 2 additional shaft lines were added, retrofitted by Gebr. Kooiman shipyard

CFD calculations for ship resistance and wake

VICUSdt has cooperated in several projects with Heimli Ship Design, ensuring a good performance of its designs. A correct prediction, using CFD tools, is the first step to a successful project.

CFD optimization mini waterjet

E-sea requested VICUSdt to optimize the hydrodynamics of the thruster. The objective is to improve the propulsive performance of the system trying to increase the thrust it provides and reduce the power required.

Retrofitting in controllable pitch propeller for seiners

The study comprised a first stage Express engineering analysis including complete hydrodynamic analysis of the hull and a second phase for implementation of the solutions, including the retrofitting of the CPP blades.

3D propeller printing

After receiving the propeller at the VICUSdt facilities, the cleaning of the surface was carried out to then carry out the scanning. Due to its size, the propeller was braced during the obtaining of the spatial points that define the measured surface.

Retrofitting in controllable pitch propeller for trawlers

The retrofitting of CPP blades offers an interesting alternative for the replacement of controllable blades. Both in old equipment, as those who want to provide more efficiency or present problems of consumption, noise or cavitation.

Hull optimization on trawler vessel Monteferro

CFD based study for hull optimization has permitted the vessel Monteferro to increase speed on her routes and bollard pull when trawling.

Low underwater radiated noise propellers design

Propeller design to complish with low radiated noise requirements on oceanographic vessel

Seakeeping and optimized nozzle design for a stern trawler

Hull form optimization focused in seakeeping, as well as nozzle design for trawling

Catamaran hydrodynamic optimization

Hydrodynamic optimization and propulsion analysis on a catamaran sailing in Baleares Islands

Inland navigation propellers for a tanker

During this project, some CFD Analysis were carried out in the bow area and for the initial propulsion configuration system, including rudders.

Trim assistant calculations for 38.000 m3 LPG tanker

Recently it was carried out a trim optimization for three different series of 38,000 m3 LPG tankers from shipowner EXMAR.

Stress and translations analysis by FEM

As a result of this project, the evaluation of stresses and translations in the double bottom showed initial results

Flap & semi spade rudder design

Several different angles of rudder blade and flap were considered up to the maximum angle of the flap. The forces obtained in the CFD analysis were used

Propeller scan and drawing

A blade propeller was measured by a laser scanner to get cloud of points. The cloud of points was measured with a density to achieve a point for each 1 x 1.5 cm2.

Ship measurement onboard

This type of measurements are highly cost-effective, as the results not only give the current status of the vessel’s performance, but also provides…

ESDs design for offshore vessel

The aim of this project was to design an Energy Saving Device (ESD) for an offshore vessel. The only allowed modification was the rudder shape, therefore several

Bulbous bow optimization

After conducting an Energy Audit for a series of several MPP sister vessels, one of the results was that the performance of the original bulbous bow could be highly improved

Francis hill chart validation

The flow and pressure figures to define the boundary conditions of the simulation were obtained from points of hill chart (N11 and Q11) and runner rotation speed.

Axial pump optimization

The base rotor was not able to provide the required flow at the desired height without exceeding the threshold of electric motor power.

Wake adapted propeller design

The aim of this project was to design a wake adapted propeller for the construction 734 of Armon Navia shipyard.

Stress analysis for anchor handling

Modification proposals in cases where the results are not in accordance with classification society rules

Stern trawler optimization and performance analysis

Data collection carrying out measurements on board different vessels for different operation conditions:

Ship perfomance

As a result of this project, the evaluation of the vessel allows to develop technologies and operation

Resistance and seakeeping

This set of calculations helped in the decision between two different concepts of vessel for the same operation.

Patrol boat optimisation

Shipyard contacted VICUSdt because this particular ship could not achieve design speed in sea trials.

Acommodation vessel

Tunnel thrusters openings were studied in terms of added resistance and performance for DP operation.

DP Capability Plot

As a result of this project, the evaluation of DP capability plot determined the limiting environmental

Aft modal and stress analysis

A finite element computation was carried out based on the data provided by the customer and the manufacturer.

Preliminary hull form development

VICUSdt has performed a numerical analysis for powering prediction and analysis of the flow over the hull.