Ship propulsion engineering

Noise and Vibration

accelerometer installation on the stern tube of a ferry

We help you to solve the problems of noise and vibrations of the propulsion system

On many occasions there is an important relationship between noise and vibrations on board and the performance of the propulsion system, being common that a malfunction of the propeller or shaft line causes noise and vibration problems in the ship.

Among the usual problems we highlight:

  1. Cavitation
  2. Pressure pulses
  3. Singing or singing helix
  4. Machine or structure resonances
  5. Whirling vibrations
  6. Torsional vibrations
  7. Comfort
vibration data collection on a CP propeller shaft

Future problems can be avoided with measurements

Vibration and noise measurements coupled with our knowledge of powertrains and hydrodynamics allow us to tackle these problems with a global approach, where a single supplier can help you solve these problems once and for all.