Inland waterway

nozzle and tunnel tanker rhine drydock

Inland vessels are characterized by 24/7 uninterrupted service

We are aware of the harshness and demands of inland waterway work. Inland vessels are characterized by 24/7 uninterrupted service, work in shallow waters, high power densities, which demand robust propellers, and silent navigation that guarantees good comfort on board.

Robust design and minimum cavitation and noise level

Our CFD-optimized propellers guarantee these features by combining a robust design with maximum efficiency and a minimum level of cavitation and noise. Through the CFD study of the ship and its propeller, we can predict the behavior of the assembly and adapt the geometry of the propeller to achieve the required performance with minimal consumption. This design philosophy is not incompatible with competitive prices and delivery times by having our own propeller foundry.

“Vicus Propellers: Silent and efficient propellers for the inland waterway”

Other advance services

Although most of our references are sailing on the Rhine, our propellers also propel the large pushers of the Paraná waterway.

Do you need our services?

  1. Analysis and troubleshooting of noise and vibration problems.
  2. CFD hull optimization
  3. Design and supply of nozzles
  4. Design and supply of rudders
  5. Maneuverability studies
  6. Repowering
  7. Tow pull improvement

Among our clients we can mention:

  • Dettmer tankers
  • Wijgaart shipping
  • Holland Shipyards
  • Asto shipards
  • Dolderman
  • Ruijven BV
  • Gebr. De Jonge Shipbuilding Services
  • Breko
  • Concordia Damen