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NavCad Program: : Leading software for ship velocity and power efficiency analysis

Waterjet analysis navcad

Optimise vessel speed and power with precision

NavCad stands at the forefront of maritime design technology, offering unparalleled tools for the analysis and optimisation of vessel speed and power performance. This software enables maritime designers to select the most suitable components for propulsion systems with accuracy and efficiency, ensuring the best possible outcomes for ship velocity and power efficiency projects.

Hydrodynamic and Propulsion System Simulation

As the premier tool for hydrodynamic and propulsion system simulation, NavCad provides comprehensive systems engineering calculations that are essential for the performance assessment of marine vehicles. Built on a solid foundation of physics-based performance equilibrium models for the Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system, NavCad is celebrated for its reliable predictions and confident performance analysis.

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Improving efficiency with comprehensive analysis tools

NavCad’s extensive library encompasses a wide range of prediction methods for hulls, propulsors, and all the necessary components, establishing it as the most efficient and thorough platform for maritime analysis. From early-stage design to post-delivery trial evaluations, NavCad ensures a more effective analysis process, enhancing project efficiency and outcome predictability.

Used by/Industries

  1. Naval architects and designers
  2. Hydrodynamicists and researchers
  3. Propulsion equipment companies
  4. Propeller manufacturers
  5. Vehicle product developers
  6. Navies, coast guards, and educational institutions

Advanced functions for high Fidelity and cost efficiency

Beyond velocity prediction, NavCad’s advanced functions offer deeper insights into maritime performance analysis, including bollard pull projects and acceleration times. By incorporating models, sea trials, or CFD calculations, NavCad aligns predictions with real-world data, delivering high-fidelity results at reduced costs. Further analysis capabilities include hydroacoustic assessments, trim & sink evaluations, drag reduction strategies, and dynamic planning stability, among others.

Beyond velocity prediction


  1. Merchant ships and naval vessels
  2. Small ships and work boats
  3. Motor and sailing yachts
  4. High-performance vehicles
  5. Special craft and vessels
  6. Propellers (open & ducted)
  7. Waterjets
  8. FPP, CPP, CRP propellers
  9. Custom propulsors
Navcad power prediction propeller and engine curve

NavCad Premium: The ultimate tool for maritime design and analysis

The Premium Edition of NavCad unlocks a suite of advanced tools designed for the optimised design, lifecycle evaluation, and workflow efficiency of maritime projects. With its Analytical Distributed Volume Method (ADVM) for hull form analysis and proprietary calculations for wave-making resistance, NavCad Premium stands as an essential resource for vessel hull form and Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system evaluations. Its capabilities for scripting batch calculations and serving as a calculation server position NavCad Premium as an integral component of optimization and integrated design studies, alongside CAD and CFD tools. The inclusion of a duty-profile operating modes module provides comprehensive insights into system performance metrics, energy KPIs, and GHG emissions throughout a ship’s lifecycle.

Software Features

  1. Vessel resistance predictions via dimensional analysis or numerical methods
  2. Resistance of appendages, seas, wins, restricted waterways, towed bodies
  3. Hull-propulsor interaction for both transit and towpull conditions
  4. Steady-state equilibrium propulsion analysis for efficiency and power demand
  5. Sizing of principal propeller characteristics and optimum gear ratio
  6. Propulsion analysis of towpull or vessel acceleration
  7. Prediction of mission duty-profile propulsion KPIs and GHG emissions
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