Propulsion equipment

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Ship Rudders

Wake adapted design by cfd rudder bulb
The rudder plays an important role in the propulsion of the ship

The rudder plays an important role in the propulsion of the ship because it interacts with the propeller, recovering part of the rotational energy contained in the water flow that leaves the propeller.

A well-designed rudder must ensure the maneuvering response in service conditions of the vessel. Our CFD maneuvering simulation capabilities ensure the response on trials and service conditions, accurately simulating turning circle and Zig-Zag tests.

Pintle rudder with flange on a tuna seiner

Optimal complete rudder system design and supply

Rudder blade optimization from a propulsive efficiency point of view requires a previous analysis of the water speeds downstream the propeller, to optimize the geometry and profiles of the blade for maximum power recovery. In this case, hydrodynamic study of the hull, propeller and rudder must be carried out altogether. The design is done applying optimization techniques coupled with viscous CFD codes, helping to define the optimum profile geometry in each section.

Design of adapted rudders

VICUSdt has experience in the design of wake adapted rudders, improving the propulsive efficiency of the ship by up to 8% in some cases. These improvements have been stated by means of tests in several towing tanks.

We can design and supply you every type of rudder: twisted, flap, pintle, spade, triple or inland water way special rudders, there are fully manufactured in Europe under the main classification societies. We can also support you on rudder retrofit or noise and vibration troubleshooting projects.