Ship design companies


Naval hydrodynamic services provider

VICUSdt is not a technical ship design office, we are the naval hydrodynamics services supplier that can support you in your ship design process by providing you with the knowledge and capabilities in propulsion and optimization demanded by the market today.

Your support team

There is no need to increase your staff with expert hydrodynamic engineers, CFD software or expensive calculation equipment, VICUSdt engineers can be seamlessly and efficiently integrated into your project team from concept phase to delivery of the ship.

Highlighted tasks in ship design:

  1. Power prediction in conceptual stage
  2. Evaluation of propulsion system alternatives
  3. CFD calculations of resistance and seakeeping
  4. Hull form optimization
  5. Aerodynamics
  6. Maneuverability
  7. Shaftline design and calculations
  8. Noise and vibrations
  9. Sea trials

Projects about any ship type

LNG carriers
River barges
Oil tankers

Bottom and pelagic trawlers
Purse seiners
Bottom and surface longliners
Live fish carriers, etc.

“It is no longer necessary to be a “big player” to have the best knowledge of naval hydrodynamics in your organization”.