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PropCad: The ultimate propeller design software

Reverse engineering ship propeller scan
Transform your ideas into reality with advanced 3D modelling

Discover limitless possibilities in marine propeller design with PropCad, the leading propeller design software. Our comprehensive geometry definition tool allows you to input a propeller style from PropCad’s extensive Builder library, specify target blade area ratios, skew, rake, thickness rules, and much more. PropCad meticulously constructs the full geometry of your design, including chord length, thickness, skew, rake, and all section offsets, taking you seamlessly from concept to a detailed 3D model.

Full design functions for geometric modelling of marine propellers

PropCad offers an intuitive interface that grants complete control over blade parameters and hydrodynamic section shapes. Designed for efficiency and speed, this powerful software comes equipped with a library of standard designs and distributions, enabling rapid development of new designs and variants. With PropCad, automatically generate 2D design drawings, 3D CAD models, construction data, offset reports, and class society thickness calculations, making it an all-encompassing tool for geometric modelling of marine propellers.

Ship propeller geometry generation

Improve productivity with design, save and import features

Propeller designers and manufacturers choose PropCad to boost productivity and deliver superior propeller designs more efficiently. Keep your drawings, reports, and 3D geometry organised within a single project for easy access and modification.

PropCad’s flexible design capabilities allow users to design, save, and import custom blade section definitions, modify them with added camber or cup, and create advanced blade shapes with progressive pitch, ensuring accurate design outcomes.

Used by/Industries

  1. Propeller designers and manufacturers
  2. Hydrodynamicists and CFD/FEA specialists
  3. Research institutions and model tanks
  4. AUV, ROV, and thruster builders
marine propeller blade section profile

PropCad Features

  1. Integrated geometric designer
  2. Traditional 2D design drawings
  3. Multiple 3D views and graphics
  4. Design wizards for rapid development
  5. Build from scanned blade data
  6. Supports any custom geometry
  7. Classification thickness calculations
  8. CAD/CAM file export
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Marine propellers geometric modeling

PropCad Premium: Advanced features for professional designers

The PropCad Premium Edition is tailored for professionals requiring advanced design capabilities. It includes feature extraction tools for quick import of existing blade designs from inspection points or a full 3D CAD file. Additionally, the Premium Edition offers robust utilities for manufacturers, facilitating the creation of foundry patterns and machining models suitable for CNC toolpath generation.

Leverage our design library for efficient propeller modelling

With PropCad, tap into a vast design library featuring many of the world’s most popular geometries, including B-series, Kaplan, Gawn, MAU, as well as cleaver and tunnel thruster blade forms. Specify your propeller parameters, select from common library distributions, and generate a complete set of propeller geometry data effortlessly. Our integrated design library system simplifies the design process, allowing for quick adaptation and customization of propeller models.