Support the efficient management and exploitation of your fleet

VICUS has been assisting shipowners with their propulsion engineering needs with a completely new approach based on the “one-stop shop” philosophy for propulsion engineering. Your main concern as a shipowner, is the efficient management and operation of your fleet and you do not need to be an expert in propulsion and maneuvering, you just need to know who to call to get the right answer to your needs in this field.

Feasible improvement evaluation

We can assist you from the initial stage of concept development for your next newbuild, through optimization work during project development and during final sea trials. You may need our services to evaluate a second-hand vessel before proceeding to its purchase, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and evaluate the possible improvements that can be implemented in the propulsion system for a more efficient operation; it is important to evaluate from in advance how much we can optimize a unit in service and at what cost. Many other shipowners only need to improve the performance of their boats in service in the most competitive way, seeking the maximum return on investment.

“We are the best solution for propulsion problems”

Services provide to shipowners

In a market full of alternative technological solutions, it is difficult to discern which is the best option for each vessel considering the technical difficulties of implementation and the return on investment.

Do you need our services?

  1. CFD Hydrodynamics
  2. Trim optimization
  3. CFD Aerodynamics
  4. Maneuvering troubleshooting
  5. Noise and vibrations
  6. Sea trials
  7. Performance analysis

Projects on the following type of vessels

Container ship
MPP, project cargo
Oil tankers

Offshore, dredgers, work boats
Research vessels, etc.