Case study


3D propeller printing

Customer: VICUSdt
Related services: Propeller desing
Software: PropCAD®
Scope of work:

  • Compilation of technical information
  • Analysis of point cloud measured by scanner
  • Adjustment of the surface of the propeller to the point cloud
  • Generation of 3D geometry

After receiving the propeller at the VICUSdt facilities, the cleaning of the surface was carried out to then carry out the scanning. Due to its size, the propeller was braced during the obtaining of the spatial points that define the measured surface.
The geometric data of the spatial points were read using the “ScanConverter” utility of the HydroComp PropCad program. After a previous internal filtering, the surface that defines the blade of the propeller was generated. We also obtained all the distributions of the different geometrical parameters that define the propeller (necessary in case of making a 2D plane).
3D CAD geometry was generated from the points cloud of the Surface definition of the propeller. Then, it was exported in the corresponding format accepted by the 3D printer, in this case parasolid (* .x_t).
Once the printing was finished, the propeller was installed successfully on the yacht, running without problems at maximum power.