Shipyards and Workshops


New build shipyard, repair yard or mechanical workshop

Whether it is a new build shipyard, repair yard, or mechanical workshop, our products and services are tailored to your ship propulsion needs.

We collaborate with shipyards around the world on their projects, from the powering prediction on conceptual phase of development to sea trials. We advise on the choice of propulsion configuration and propulsion system sizing to avoid problems, speed, fuel consumption, tow pull or vibrations.

“Efficient propellants for your new constructions”

Choose the right propeller

Marine engine sales and repair shops rely on VICUSdt to choose the correct propellant for each application, avoiding the traditional process of “trial and error” with multiple drydocking and pitch modifications of uncertain end.

Through our foundry partners, we can offer the best prices and delivery times on marine propellers in bronze or stainless steel and with a design optimized to the needs of the project.

When we finally get to sea trials , we can verify the actual power delivered by torque measurement on the propeller shaft.