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Oceanographic Research Vessels


Naval architecture and hydrodynamic design

Today’s oceanographic research vessels represent a challenge in naval architecture and hydrodynamic design, as they demand the most challenging level in terms of underwater radiated noise and the flow of water on their transducers.

Hydrodynamic design and ubication

Requirements such as those set by the ICES209 standard or class notations as DNV SILEN-R, force the design of the propellers to the limit, avoiding cavitation inception in the service speed range in order not to disturb the operation of the sensors of vessel. On the other hand, the increase in the number and size of sensors has led to the use of ever larger gondolas to house these transducers. The location and hydrodynamic design of these nacelles for proper operation is a challenge that can only be addressed by experts in CFD hydrodynamic analysis such as VICUSdt.

Some examples of projects:

  1. Seakeeping and course stability analysis of oceanographic research vessel 46 m in length
  2. Optimization of the gondola geometry by means of CFD in order to minimize the interference produced by air bubbles coming from the free surface
  3. CFD hull form optimization of oceanographic research vessel 59 m in length
  4. Design and supply of main propellers for oceanographic research vessels from 550 to 3000 kW
  5. CFD twisted rudder design with towing tank certified 4% propulsive efficiency improvement

Our projects

The tandem formed by VICUSdt as propeller designer and our sister company Baliño as manufacturer of the shaft line, has revealed itself as a winning team in the last two decades, having equipped some of the quietest and most capable oceanographic vessels such as:

  • Celtic Voyager
  • Mar Argentino
  • Victor Angelescu
  • Bipo Inapesca
  • Fridtjof Nansen
  • Ramón Margalef
  • Ángeles Alvariño
  • Vizconde de Eza
  • Miguel Oliver
  • Sarmiento de Gamboa
  • Hespérides
  • Intermares
  • Astilleros Armón, etc.