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patrol vessel resistance analysis

Naval technology for warship

If there is a ship that represents the most advanced application of naval technology, it is the warship. Whether due to their high-speed requirements, quiet navigation, seakeeping or maneuverability, warships have traditionally demanded the use of the most advanced tools for their design. Since its inception, CFD analysis has been used to improve the designs of these units in all project phases, since it is the most valuable and reliable tool to achieve excellence in naval design.

Feasible improvements evaluation

At VICUSdt we have extensive experience in the different CFD engineering services applied to warships and patrol boats with examples such as:

  • Calculations of ship resistance, tactical diameter and crash stop of an LPD.
  • Design of propellers for 63 m LCU landing craft, hospital ship or patrol boats.
  • Simulation of seakeeping and streamlines on the gondola in a minehunter.
  • Hull form optimization, ship resistance and maneuvering calculations of a patrol boat.
  • Design of silent propellers for minehunter.
  • Powering prediction and hull form optimization in fast intervention ship.
  • Aerodynamic CFD simulation of the exhaust gases in a corvette.
  • Aerodynamic CFD simulation of the evolution of gases in the launch of an anti-ship missile.

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