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What is Computational Fluid Dinamycs

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to analyze and solve problems involving fluid flows. By utilizing computers and algorithms, CFD simulates the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces, defined by boundary conditions, over time.

VICUS DT is a specialist in ship propulsion and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), offering engineering services and products to increase the efficiency and performance of your vessel. Our CFD expertise ensures customised and innovative solutions for optimal hydrodynamic results. Trust Vicus to elevate the capabilities of your fleet with the latest in marine technology.

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VICUS is a ship propulsion engineering company specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to ship hydrodynamics. We offer a complete range of engineering services and propulsion products to improve the performance of your vessel.


Our breadth of experience coupled with an adaptive and flexible approach means that we can react to time sensitive challenges, working with you when you need us.

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Model and simulation generation

Results analysis and solution implementation

Our CFD engineering services


Our engineers have many years of experience in CFD propeller design, manufacture and supply of complete propulsion package, including shaft lines, stern tubes, nozzles and rudders.

CFD Aerodynamics

CFD aerodynamic simulations allows us to analyze the behavior of the air over the vessel, as well as exhaust or ventilation gases in all types of ducts in a quick and reliable way.

CFD Hydrodynamics

VICUSdt was the first engineering company specialized on ship propulsion engineering by CFD back in 2007. A huge experience accumulated together with more than 670 references on every ship type for hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, ensures a good result.

Leaders in propulsion engineering

Shipbuilding, shipowners, offshore, industry and energy sectors.

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We are very happy with the overall professional service of VICUSDT, from day one right up to dispatch was an absolute pleasure dealing with you.

Johan Radyn (Refit Manager)

(Sea Harvest Corporation – South Africa)

We are very satisfied about our flap rudder below our 4 ships. Our first ship is now for 4 years in operation and the clearances on the rudder are like new

Louwe de Boer (General Manager)

(Osprey Fish BV – The Netherlands)

Great team using powerful CFD tools. Quick answer to all our needs allows us to get great hull lines performances. Deep experience in hull optimization, research vessel capabilities, low noise profile propellers and high efficiency rudders. Flexible behavior, easy to work with.

Santiago Martín (Managing director)

(Armon Vigo – Spain)

Taupo Project

CFD calculations for ship resistance and wake

VICUSdt has cooperated in several projects with Heimli Ship Design, ensuring a good performance of its designs. A correct prediction, using CFD tools, is the first step to a successful project.

Vessel Zwerver I

Ducted propellers design

This vessel was originally fitted with 2 azimuthal propellers, to which 2 additional shaft lines were added, retrofitted by Gebr. Kooiman shipyard; each of these lines consist of a FP propeller driven by a diesel engine Mitsubishi S12R-MPTAW of 940kW at 1600 rpm, coupled to a Reintjes gearbox WAF665 5.950:1.

CPP propellers for seiners

Retrofitting in controllable pitch propeller for seiners

The study comprised a first stage Express engineering analysis including complete hydrodynamic analysis of the hull and a second phase for implementation of the solutions, including the retrofitting of the CPP blades.

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