Propulsor engineering specialist

We were born in Vigo, one of the biggest fishing ports in the world, with a very important fishing industry that helped us over the years to develop our skills and knowledge on fishing vessel propulsion performance.

We work with any type of fishing vessels

  1. Bottom and pelagic trawlers
  2. Seiners
  3. Bottom and surface Longliners
  4. Mussel harvesting
  5. Aquaculture
  6. Wellboat
  7. Crab catcher, etc.

Our clients are the best reference

The main fishing companies worldwide rely on VICUSdt for their ship propulsion engineering needs, we can cite the following: Pescanova, Albacora, Pevasa, Pescapuerta, Argenova, Deris, Sea Harvest, Iberconsa, Pioneer Fishing, Embwinda fishing, Tasa, Copeinca, Pesca Azteca and many others.

Count on us for improving the fuel consumption, maximize speed, increase tow pull or replace propellers , CP blades , rudders or nozzles.