Berguer Maritem

Berger Maritiem

Berger Maritiem es a trading and consulting company that provides practical and realistic advice by improving the sustainability of the ship or fleet.
Since its foundation in 2012, it has carefully put together a comprehensive package of sustainable solutions in the field of performance optimization (energy efficiency), emission reduction (CO2, NOx, PM, and SOx), electric, hybrid, and diesel-driven propulsion, ballast water treatment, and sustainable ship recycling.


HydroComp, Inc.

Since 1984, HydroComp has been a leader in providing hydrodynamic software and services for resistance and propulsion prediction, propeller sizing and design, and forensic performance analysis. Through its unique array of software packages and services, HydroComp now serves over 1200 naval architectural design firms, shipyards, yacht owners, ship operators, propeller designers, universities, and militaries around the globe.


Binsfeld Engineering

Binsfeld Engineering Inc. specializes in rotating-to-stationary data communication systems. Using digital instrumentation technologies transmitted via non-contact inductive couplings or radiofrequency devices, their transmitters provide accurate and reliable signals from rotating sensors.


Fuchs International Technology

Fuchs technology offers high precision on-line multi-cylinder engine monitoring systems for portable and fixed installations on board.
It is the best engine performance monitoring tool, which allows its easy use for real-time engine diagnostics, on any type of computer.