Case study


Propulsive efficiency improvement in the retrofit project of the general cargo ships, Marit & Myrte

The optimized design of the propulsion system by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has allowed for an improvement in efficiency over 4%, facilitating a quick return of investment for Sam Shipping.

Pre Swirl Stator installed in MV Marit

Sam Shipping, shipowner based in Netherlands, has relied on VICUSdt hydrodynamic engineering services to improve the performance of the twin general cargo vessels Marit and Myrte.

CFD simulation for feasibility analysis

The Express Analysis conducted by VICUSdt has been crucial in selecting the most suitable technologies to reduce fuel consumption in both vessels as part of their retrofitting project. The Express Analysis calculates the potential savings of consumption reduction technologies such as bulbous bow, pre-swirl stator (PSS), etc. by means of CFD studies.

Additionally, it estimates the investment required for their installation. Based on these values, the Return of Investment (ROI) is derived as a key parameter for selecting the actions to be carried out within the retrofit project.

Among the evaluated technologies, Sam Shipping selected the pre-swirl stator (PSS). The PSS is an Energy Saving Device that is installed ahead of the propeller to optimize the water flow, thus improving the propulsion system’s performance.

Detail engineering, manufacturing and pre-swirl stator implementation

Following the selection, Sam Shipping entrusted VICUSdt with the detailed design, manufacturing of installation of the PSS on both twin ships.

VICUSdt designed and optimized the PSS by applying CFD analysis methodologies. Also, the engineering firm managed the PSS production with local suppliers and facilitated the devices’ class approval. Afterwardf, last October, they provided technical assistance during the installation of the PSS on Marit MV at Remontowa shipyard in Poland. The project team engineers will travel to install the second PSS on its twin ship, Myrte in the coming months.

The benefits achieved for Sam Shipping vessels, thanks to the optimized design of the propulsion system (propeller, PSS and rudder) using CFD simulation, have resulted in efficiency improvements by over 4%. This ensures a quick Return of Investment of the retrofit project, within a timeframe of less than two years.

CFD results for the design optimization of the PSS
Pre Swirl Stator geometry optimized by CFD simulation