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PropExpert: Propeller analysis software

Propeller sizing details in propexpert

Propeller analysis and sizing calculator

PropExpert is ideal for selecting and analyzing propeller systems for workboats and pleasure craft. Confidently identify vessel-specific propulsion system components with just a few inputs. The installed commercial propeller library can be extended with your own data, and build your own library of vessels, engines, and gearboxes. Utilize data from a prior trial or a similar vessel to anchor your model to real-world performance, or use PropExpert’s speed estimation formula when data is not available.

Maximum efficiency with PropExpert

PropExpert’s project library can help you manage your database of projects, vessels, propellers, engines, and reduction gear models. Achieve top performance with the software’s two-stage “size it then analyze it” solution for determining top speed, thrust, power, and efficiency.

Ship propulsion system sizing
ship performance prediction calculation gearbox selection

Used by Industries

  1. Propeller shops, distributors, and manufacturers
  2. Engine and gear companies
  3. Boat builders and designers
  4. Marine surveyors
  5. Propulsion system consultants

Enhance Accuracy with Sea-trial Data

The advance features in PropExpert allow you to dive deeper into propeller analysis. Use data from a prior trial or data of a similar vessel to anchor your model to real-world performance – or use PropExpert’s speed-estimation formula when data is not available.

Ship performance prediction calculation gearbox selection

PropExpert Features

  1. Propeller sizing and analysis
  2. Optimum Diameter, Pitch, and BAR
  3. Finds the best gear ratio for the system
  4. Utilize sea-trial data
  5. Initial speed prediction using estimates, a prior trial, or a similar vessel
  6. Propeller system analysis, including cavitation metrics
  7. Library of common propellers
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Size Virtually Any Propeller

PropExpert determines optimal diameter, pitch, blade area and RPM for commercial inboard propellers of two to five blades, from about 450mm (18-inch) diameter up to about 2.5m (100-inch). Both flat-faced (Gawn) and foil-section (B-series) propellers are supported, as well as ducted propellers (Kaplan). PropExpert evaluates cupped and “progressive pitch” (cambered) propellers, and offers special consideration for folding propellers and propellers in stern pockets.