Propulsion equipment

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Ship Propellers Design

Ship Zwerver propellers and nozzles

Custom designed fixed pitch propellers up to 12t

VICUSdt offers a customized service for propellers, including design, manufacturing and technical support. Our engineers have many years of experience in CFD propeller design , manufacture and supply of complete propulsion package, including shaft lines, stern tubes, nozzles and rudders .

Wake adapted propeller and rudder costa bulb

VICUSdt PROPELLERS are suitable for any kind of vessel

VICUSdt PROPELLERS are suitable for any kind of vessel, including yachts, ferries, fishing vessel, oceanographic and navy vessels. VICUSdt designs propellers that guarantee compliance with the customer requirements in terms of speed, tow pull, low noise or vibration, as well as geometric and hydrodynamic limitations. Small improvements in the propeller efficiency can provide important fuel savings in the ship operation.

“Vicus: one-stop source for quiet and efficient propellers”

Shafting calculations

Apart from hydrodynamics, we also take care of the FEM (finite element) calculations required for compliance with ICE Class notations for propellers as well as all the shafting calculations.

FP propeller manufacturing

In the foundry, we have all the necessary equipment to manufacture FP propellers up to a maximum of 12 tons in weight and certified by the main IACS Classification societies. Our experience covers from strong inland navigation ducted propellers to the most silent Class S high skew propellers for Navy and Yacht applications.
VICUSdt uses HydroComp software in propellers’ design, NavCad , PropElements and PropCad , being the European representative of HydroComp software.

Ship technical and operational data

Propeller design and optimization by CFD

Supply of complete propeller system