Cruises, yacht and ferries


Improve maximum velocity, consumption or comfort

Cruises, yachts and ferries are among the most demanding types of ships when it comes to propulsion. The need for operation with very low noise and vibration levels , high speed and high power densities is quite usual.

“We work with the most renowned shipyards”

Our track record since 2007 includes projects on the following types of vessels:

  • Conventional ferries (With ICE and electric motor)
  • Double ended ferries
  • Catamaran ferries
  • Motor yachts
  • Sailing yachts
  • Cruise vessels with conventional propulsion and / or PODs

CFD hydrodynamic optimization

We provide CFD hydrodynamic optimization services for the hull and appendages to improve maximum speed, fuel consumption or comfort . We also supply propulsion packages meeting highly demanding speeds and low noise requirements.

We work with the most successful shipyards and owners in the industry such as:

  1. H.J.Barreras
  2. Armon
  3. Holland Shipyards
  4. Rodriguez Yacht design
  5. Freire Shipyard
  6. Trasmapi
  7. MP Yachts
  8. Mystic Cruises
  9. Columbia Cruise Services
  10. Trasmediterranea