A new dive support vessel of the French Navy sails with propellers designed by VICUSdt

Our client, iXblue, delivered the second hybrid dive support vessel for the French Navy, VICUSdt carried out the design and supply of the propellers and nozzles. The design of the propellers and nozzles has been made by CFD, paying special attention to the efficiency at the speed of 10 knots and silent operation. The nozzle […]

MTS Belize, the first of four projects

The fluvial tanker MTS Belize is the first of four projects in which VICUSdt has embarked. It is also our first project with the Dolderman shipyard. The work carried out consisted in the design and manufacture of the propulsion, propellers and hull optimized by CFD tools to achieve maximum efficiency. The sea trials, carried out […]

Efficient propulsion for the 5th vessel of the series: “Dettmer Tank 130”

Following with the Dettmer Tank 120, 122, 126 and 128, the successful test of the Dettmer Tank 130 was recently carried out in which we were able to design and deliver very efficient, robust and low noise propellers. From VICUSdt we have designed the ship’s propellers using CFD tools. – We calculate the resistance at […]

Ending of the LNG Prototype Pack project

The project, which ended on May 30, 2018, consists of the construction of a small membrane tank (110 m3).   LNG Prototype Pack initiative is funded by the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN) through the Conecta Pyme program, with funds from Feder (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional) and the Ministry of Industry (Xunta de Galicia). […]

Reserve the date: Hydrocomp technical days in Navalia

The International Exhibition Navalia will take place in Vigo next May 2018, with special technical conferences gathering the international naval industry. Withing this framework, Hydrocomp will show the capacities of the specialized software for marine propulsion design through 2 days, oriented to different audiences: “Radiated noise in propulsion propellers. Challenges and tools for prediction and […]

High efficient propellers onboard Panerai pushboat

The pushboat Panerai is now sailing in the Netherlands, as you can see in this video. VICUSdt designed and delivered the 1.7m diameter propellers, specially conceived to get the maximum energy efficiency and consequent fuel savings having the best performance. This is not the first time VICUSdt provides the propulsion for inland vessels in the […]

Presentation of the new generation of longliners in ORPAGU

The results of the project focused on the new generation of longliners, carried out by ORPAGU and VICUSdt, where presented on December 27th in La Guarda. This project focused on the design of longliners from scratch in such a way that energy efficiency could through huge savings with respect to the present fleet. This involves […]

Discover the Monteferro

Have a look on the spectacular video about the construction of the Monteferro trawler vessel! This vessel, with destination Falkland Islands, has been constructed in NODOSA for the shipowner Kalamar Ltd. The Monteferro has a length of 63.7m and a beam of 12m; propulsion, delivered by Baliño-KaMeWa, consist of a 4 blades controllable pitch propeller […]

Progress on Project ‘LNG Prototype Pack’

VICUSdt has been working on this project all along this year, collaborating in the design of the prototype of a LNG membrane tank that will be soon constructed and tested. FEM structural analysis was carried out in order to determine the validity of the dimensioning and design of this prototype, under extreme temperatures, high pressures […]

Dettmer Tank 126 sails with VICUSdt propellers

This 85m length river tanker, constructed in Kladovo Shipyard and finished in Breko (Papendrecht), has been fitted with propellers designed and delivered by VICUSdt. These 3-blade propellers have been designed, using CFD tools, for assuring the best performance for this vessel. Main characteristics: Type: FPP Diameter: 1400 mm Number of blades: 3 In the last […]