Interviewing Pol Deprez

Talking to one of our trainees from CentraleSupélec, Paris

Pol nexto to one of our propellers ready to deliver

Q: Please Pol tell us about what you are studying and where

A: I am studying in France, in the south of Paris, at the CentraleSupélec university. This is a general engineering school in Paris.

Q: Why did you decided to learn about engineering or become and become a naval architect?

A: I really enjoy sailing, I feel passion about ship and specially sailing ships, for this reason, since I was younger, I decided to study to become naval architect. Right now, I am studying a general engineering, so I can learn more about general topics as management, IT, physics, or maths. There are very few universities in France about naval architecture studies and they are really specialised. That was the reason I decided to study a general engineering degree first to have a global comprehension of the engineering. Although, next year I will move to a Naval architecture one.

Q: Why did you take the decision to come to Spain to make this trainee process?

A: I came here because I want to be a naval architect as I said, and this opportunity gave me the chance to see how it is. I came with the hope to learn more about specific areas as hydrodynamic that I could not learn inside a conventional naval architecture office, due to their job is more general. To sum up, this trainee period with VICUS was an incredible opportunity to learn more about what interest me.

Q: Do you feel comfortable living in Vigo? What do you think about the city?

A: Of course, I really like the city, there is a nice weather and people, in general, is extroverted and sociable. Lifestyle is very similar to the French one, this make it easier to adapt, there is no culture shock.

Q: Please tell us about what you do at VICUSdt

A: The most important task I am doing right now is the development of a programme to automate part of the work during the CFD simulation process of ships and help my colleagues during this arduous job. The result will be as simple as introducing the technical data of the ship and press the start button, so the program will start running and all the calculations, simulations and values automatically will appear on a final report.

Q: How do you feel at VICUSdt? Are you enjoying this trainee period here?

A: Yes, I really like the atmosphere inside the company, and it is wonderful that everyone helps each other if there is any need. No one cares to stop what they are doing and to try to help you, even though it takes time. That makes me feel comfortable and I do not hesitate in asking to resolve my doubts because I am sure that anyone will helps me.

Q: What do you have in mind to what after this trainee period?

A: Firstly, I will continue studying, because I still have one more year to finish my degree and I will do it about naval architecture in Southampton, England. After that, I will have to spend six (6) months as trainee again and then I would like to find a job as naval architect.