NavCad’s new supplemental module for power users.
A new upgrade is now available for the NavCad “power user” wanting to employ a greater level of analytical capability. Offered as an optional “Premium Edition” upgrade, these special new capabilities are a significant addition to the existing hydrodynamic analysis features in the standard NavCad.
NavCad will now be available in the well-known Standard Edition and the new Premium Edition.
The Premium Edition will include these new capabilities:
Scripting (macro) API. An easy-to-use scripting language provides convenient batch processing capability.
Connect as resistance & propulsion solver. Run NavCad from third-party software as a calculation engine (i.e., coupled solver), such as from your own spreadsheets or simulation tools, or from partner CFD, hull design or loading software.
Operating modes analysis. A comprehensive duty-cycle operating modes analysis module predicts total fuel consumption, engine load metrics, and key performance indicators for a variety of different user-defined operating mode definitions (e.g., Transit, Towing, Idle).
Wave-theory resistance prediction. Longitudinal distributions of sectional area, waterplane, and area centroid are used to predict residuary resistance using a novel implementation of wave-theory code. Validation studies indicate exceptional quality and behavior for a broad range of hull types.
Floating network license. All Premium Edition licenses will include (or be upgraded to) a “one concurrent user” floating Workgroup License.
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