Efficient propulsion for the 5th vessel of the series: Dettmer Tank 130

Following the Dettmer Tank 120, 122, 126, and 128, the successful test of the Dettmer Tank 130 was recently carried out in which we were able to design and deliver very efficient, robust, and low noise propellers.

From VICUSdt we have designed the ship’s propellers using CFD tools.
– We calculate the resistance at different speeds
– We analyze the wake of the ship, the propulsion (to determine the propulsive coefficients and speed), the interaction between the propeller and the hull, and perform a detailed analysis of the cavitation.

This allowed us to achieve a better understanding of the hydrodynamics of the hull of the ship and the performance of the propeller, with a speed forecast calculated on the basis of real data (without statistical predictions).

Thanks to the design adjustments recommended by VICUSdt for the propeller, the Dettmer Tank 130 reached during the test run, the calculated speed and with it a lower fuel consumption (and therefore of CO2 emissions).

In addition, it was confirmed, once again, that we achieved an extraordinarily low level of noise and vibrations, thus minimizing operational problems and erosion damage.