VICUSdt has the experience, certifications and calibrated equipment for solving many types of ship and industrial measurement work worldwide.

Power, torque measurements on rotating shafts

Typically done for power certification diesel engine. Measuring real power on the shaft during sea trials allows a cheaper certification compared to taking the engine out to a test bench, on the other hand this is not possible for large engines. We are certified to do this for any flag authority or Classification Society.

Deformation measurements on structures with strain gages

Bending and axial stress on shafts and beams, either stopped or moving, by installing strain gages.

Exhaust gas emissions

We are certified by Spanish flag authority for exhaust gas emission certification (NOx). Furthermore we can carry out measurements on SOx, CO, CO2, etc. If you need to get an EIAPP certificate or need to check your emissions for compliance with MARPOL or other authority, let us give you a hand.

Flow measurements on pipes

With ultrasonic flow meters is easy to check the flow on pipe without installing conventional flow meter. It doesn’t matter the fluid in the pipe, it can be done for fuel consumption evaluation, heating systems, cooling systems, etc.

Speed and maneuvering trials

Ship speed and maneuvering trials are carried out for EEDI checking, ship performance evaluation and maneuvering capability analysis recording ship trajectories.

Electrical power

Active power and power factor on electrical network. We can also check for harmonics THD due to frequency converters.

VICUSDT provides dedicated energy audits for the purpose of evaluating the energy status of a ship and for initiating the SEEMP procedures.

Resolution MEPC.203(62) – Amendments MARPOL73/78, adopted on 15 July 2011, introduced Regulations on Energy Efficiency for Ships into MARPOL Annex VI. A Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) must be developed for existing vessels.