CFD Simulation industry


Industrial systems

Our capabilities are also useful on the industry, where VICUSdt can investigate the behavior of any fluid flow on any system. Among the type of CFD analysis we can carry out we might cite:

  • Pressure drop optimization on pipe systems.
  • Forces on valve components.
  • Smoke dispersion analysis.
  • HVAC analysis.
  • Cavitation prediction.
  • Turbulence modeling.
  • Electrical generator cooling
  • Oil-water separator optimization.
  • Oil spillage on harbours, bays or open seas.

Either you are on the chemical industry or civil engineering, we can give you a hand to improve your designs or solve your fluid problems.

Hydro turbine optimization and piping analysis

Hydro power is a well known technology that can be improved by applying advanced knowledge on fluid dynamics, those problems which in the past could only be solved by trial and error or experience, can today be analyzed and fixed before building the installation; VICUSdt can do different CFD analysis on existing and new projects to improve performance and identify problems and how to fix them. We can work on every type of turbine, Kaplan, Semi Kaplan, Francis, Pelton at fixed or variable speed and installed on different types of plants, conventional or reversible.

Typical work on hydro power plants includes:

  • Site assessment
  • Turbine geometry optimization
  • Grid geometry
  • Piping optimization
  • Flow bifurcator analysis
  • Valve pressure drop, forces and moments
  • Cavitation
  • Turbulence and vortex induced vibrations

We are especially skilled on turbine optimization, improving its geometry for better efficiency, either in new projects or retrofitting old installations. The retrofitting project can include on site measurements to assess the efficiency of the current installation, CFD optimization of the different parts for better energy and cavitation performance and finally validation by measuring delivered power on commissioning.