Case study


DP Capability Plot

Customer: GARDLINE
Scope of work:

  • Evaluation of vessel’s geometry.
  • Wind, current and wave coefficients are obtained through CFD simulations in StarCCM+.
  • Evaluation of performance and suction of each thruster.
  • Calculation of forces and moments acting on the vessel.
  • Position keeping ability of the vessel according to ERN (Environmental regularity number)
  • DP capability plot

As a result of this project, the evaluation of DP capability plot determined the limiting environmental conditions within which the vessel will be able to maintain position and heading while using DP.

What is dp capability

The term “DP Capability Plot” refers to a “Dynamic Positioning Capability Plot”. This plot is a crucial tool for dynamic positioning (DP) systems used on ships and offshore platforms. The DP Capability Plot shows the ability of a vessel to maintain its position and orientation at sea, despite environmental influences such as wind, waves and currents.

The DP Capability Plot assesses and visualises a vessel’s ability to counteract these external forces under different conditions. It shows the relationship between wind direction and intensity, waves and currents, and the vessel’s ability to maintain its position. This analysis is essential for maritime operations that require high positioning accuracy, such as the installation of subsea structures, drilling operations or activities related to the construction and maintenance of offshore infrastructure.

The use of these charts helps ship operators to make informed decisions about the feasibility and safety of maritime operations in various environmental conditions.