VICUSdt in El Exportador: watch the video!

Globalization has always been a characteristic of the shipbuilding industry, where the internationalization strategy of the companies is especially necessary.
VICUSdt, offering services with a high technological level, has a business area with a rising demand; that is why efforts are made in building an international presence, with a growing network of agents aiming its technological value to reach worldwide.
VICUSdt’s experience is backed by 170 customers in 27 countries. Currently export is around 70%.
Recently a video has been developed in collaboration with ICEX, where this concern about implantation in foreign markets, especially in those strategic for shipbuilding, is briefly discussed. Through this report, some of the activities taking place in the company, internationalization plan and its history are shown.
You can watch this video on our Youtube channel and on ICEX webpage.
Cora Villa