New major features added to HydroComp PropElements 2017

HydroComp, Inc. of Durham, NH USA has implemented significant new features to HydroComp PropElements 2017 – the propeller “design for performance” code. While built upon the same analytical code-base as an earlier version of PropElements, it really is a novel program that tackles the component-level hydrodynamic needs of naval architects. The latest update offers a predictive tool that can handle custom and semi-custom propeller analysis, and allow naval architects (and propeller specialists) to investigate propeller iterations at later design stages. Now, HydroComp PropElements can evaluate a propeller or walk a design much closer to 3D CFD in a shorter time frame and at a reduced cost.

Key upgrades include:
– New interface using the HydroComp common GUI (as found in PropCad and NavCad).
– Deployed with equivalents “Premium Edition” features, such as scripting, batch processing, and loating network licensing.
– New high blade-loading curvature correction for low J accuracy. (This is huge!)
– Interactive smoothing of pitch and/or camber during the optimum design process.
– Ability to define a nozzle or tip-gap “effectiveness”.
– Added section cavitation criteria for chord and nose radius.
– Calculation of body forces for CFD and FEA. (Now a vital companion for higher-order analyses!)
– Prediction of induced volumetric flow rate (for “pump action” applications).
– Additional data exchange with NavCad (for initial design) and PropCad (for manufacture).

Also new to PropElements 2017 are internal analytical prediction improvements for:
– Performance properties for Generic foil option.
– Nozzle induction.
– Foil-specific CF friction line.
– Analysis at tip sections.

HydroComp products and services are used by naval architects, marine engineers, yacht designers & shipbuilders, owners & operators, academics, propulsion equipment suppliers, governments, and militaries worldwide. HydroComp is proud to have served over 700 industry, research, academic, and governmental clients from more than 60 countries.

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