Discover the Monteferro

Have a look at the spectacular video about the construction of the Monteferro trawler vessel! This vessel, with destination Falkland Islands, has been constructed in NODOSA for the shipowner Kalamar Ltd.

The Monteferro has a length of 63.7m and a beam of 12m; propulsion, delivered by Baliño-KaMeWa, consists of a 4 blades controllable pitch propeller of 3.7 m.

VICUSdt has participated in this project, carrying out resistance prediction, wake calculation, and hull shape optimization; these studies were accomplished taking into account various loading conditions and the particular operational profile of this type of vessel.

Hull optimization comprised modifications in both bow and stern areas, achieving a total speed increase of about 0.4kn with respect to the original geometry, and a significant increase in bollard pull for trawling conditions.

For more information about this project, we have added a case study on our web page.