This February, the longliner CFL Hunter -59.5m length and fishing area placed in the Falkland Islands- has been launched.

This vessel is fitted with diesel-electric propulsion, standing up for this technology that would allow having an important fuel-saving, operation flexibility, and a silent running.

VICUSdt has collaborated with Nodosa on this project in several issues together with its technical office, among which we would like to highlight the optimization of the hull shape and the design of the propeller and rudder.

In this hull optimization, after carrying out the resistance calculation corresponding to the initial hull shape, various proposals for changes were made, finally redesigning the bow bulb, by which sensible improvements (more than 10%) were obtained under the defined operation profile of the vessel.

Starting from this optimized hull, the raw material was obtained for the realization of the propulsion calculations, culminating in the design and delivery of the propeller. An adapted rudder design that allows energy recovery from the propeller flow offers savings of around 4%, with maneuverability higher than a conventional design.

From VICUSdt we want to congratulate Nodosa on this vessel and wish CFL Hunter fruitful navigation.

CFL Hunter