2016 began with an interesting project for VICUSdt. We carried out a 3D laser scan of a fixed pitch propeller of a panamax bulkcarrier while the ship was drydocked.
In this case, one of the blades of this 7 meter diameter fix propeller was damaged, there was not much information on the propeller geometry and the owner decided he wanted to have accurate drawings to be able to cast a new propeller with the same geometry in a near future.
Vicusdt did a 3D laser scanning of the blades and carried out a marine propeller inspection with skilled technicians checking all the tolerances of the hub and cone details. Then we converted this information into manufacturing drawings for the foundry.
This methodology can be applied also to propellers of any size and to controllable pitch propeller blades including the blade foot.
laser scan 3Dfix propeller blade
3D geometry