Management policy


The Key principle of the EMENASA GROUP as an industrial organization in the maritime, renewable energies and industrial sector, is to reach the highest level of competitiveness and full customer satisfaction by manufacturing products of the required quality as well as using the maximum safety measures at work and protecting the environment.

To reach this key principle, the executive has established a comprehensive system for the quality management, labour risk prevention and environmental management which has been developed complying with the international standards and in accordance with the current legislation. This management system is based on two strategic pillars such as, continuous improvement in quality effectiveness, environmental management and the prevention of occupational risks and the commitment to seek customer satisfaction, always oriented towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Ensuring that all the necessary resources are available to fulfill the commitment undertaken with the interested parties and that all their products comply with all the regulations and technical specifications agreed with the client and those stablished by the organization itself.
  • Developing an efficient system that not only detects those products which do not follow the requirements but one which avoids errors before they even happen to therefore minimise costs.
  • Motivating, involving and getting the staff committed so as to look for their participation in the development and implementation of the management system thus, ensuring they all know about its importance.
  • Maintaining permanent, courteous, and friendly contacts with in the interested parties to get to know the degree of satisfaction with our products and services as well as collaborate to improve them.
  • Applying new manufacturing, design and computer system technologies in order to offer professional solutions tailored to our clients´ needs.
  • Ensure that all the activities carried out in each of the companies that make up the Emenasa Group comply with the commitment to:
  • provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of workers’ health,
  • eliminate hazards and reduce risks to the safety and health of workers and
  • protect the environment, prevent pollution and promote the sustainable use of resources
  • Defining and implementing the necessary training programs to keep a high level of skilled staff to carry out these activities as well as the access of all the personnel to these programs regardless their own personal characteristics (sex, age, etc…) disagreeing with all those cultural prejudices which oppose all the afore mentioned.
  • Ensuring a favourable working environment so as to have a constructive and fruitful relationship between the company and its staff, respecting their labour rights and a responsible trade union activity.

The executive has the authority and accepts the responsibility of implementing this management system by stablishing the necessary measures to ensure that their policies become known to all the areas of the Emenasa Group and likewise to all the interested parties. It is therefore understood that it is reviewed and updated periodically. In the same way, the management heads towards continuous improvement by means of setting and checking quality objectives, labour risk and environment prevention.

All the interventions must be in this direction, counting with the active participation of all the members that form the organization, as an essential element to achieve a continuous improvement of and the proposed objectives.


Carlos Alonso Vila, CEO Grupo Emenasa.                                                   Vigo, abril 2020