CFD calculations for ship resistance and wake



Customer: Heimli Ship Design

Related services: ship resistance & powering prediction; hull form optimization

Scope of work:

Powering prediction, hull streamlines and wakefiled calculation using viscous CFD code. The resistance values were postprocessed using NavCad to make a comprehensive analysis of ship performance. Furthermore, we carried out a CFD calculation of nominal wakefield, the velocity field in front of the propeller was supplied to the propeller designer for a wake adapted propeller design.


VICUSdt has cooperated in several projects with Heimli Ship Design, ensuring a good performance of its designs. A correct prediction, using CFD tools, is the first step to a successful project.

Ship´s data:


Length 43 m.

Width 11 m.

Speed 13 knots.

Brt: 650 tons.

Capacity: 320 tons of fish.

This vessel has being built by FMV AS for Napier AS.