What we do



Our company was born as a leading supplier of engineering services for the shipbuilding industry, after working in many different projects providing different types of engineering services, VICUSdt is well known as one of the key players when it comes to ship hydrodynamics and propulsion.

In the field of ship hydrodynamics we provide services for ship resistance analysis, hull form optimization, propeller and rudder design, manoeuvrability and seakeeping.

These analyses are carried out using advance Computational Fluid Dynamics software (CFD), allowing a significant reduction of cost and delivery time compared to the traditional approach, and offering at the same time information with much better quality.

Other services we can provide to the shipbuilding industry are structural calculations, rudder and propeller design, shafting calculations and onboard measurements on sea trials.


VICUSdt provides advanced engineering services to shipowners.  These services are provided either for new building or existing vessels and include trim assistant analysis, measurements, performance and technology assessment.

Among the services we normally provide to shipowners we could cite: energy audits, exhaust gas measurements and analysis, NOx emission certification, fuel consumption measurements and electrical power plant analysis.

When you are thinking of a new building you can rely on VICUSdt for the evaluation of the energy performance of the new design, hull form and propulsion assessment. As independent experts we can provide the best advice.

Many shipowners are interested in evaluating the potential for energy savings on their existing ships, since it is possible to improve the performance in existing vessels by retrofitting them with new technology, but unfortunately, there are too many choices on the market and also too much noise. VICUSdt, as an independent analyst, can provide advice on the best technology to be installed on board based on detailed studies and ensuring the best return of investment.


The range of services we can offer for energy projects include mechanical design, CFD, electrical machine design and on site measurements.  Our knowledge on shipbuilding technology allows us to develop new marine renewable energy devices of any kind, including wave and current energy converters. Hydro power is another sector where we can provide solutions and improvements on new or existing devices like water turbines and piping.

We have a significant experience developing renewable energy devices, from concept to manufacturing, supported by our partner companies and covering hydrodynamics design, structural calculations and electrical machine development.

During the manufacturing, VICUSdt can provide advice on material and supplier selection, quality control, support on assembly and workshop and on site testing.

As a company with strong links with industry, we combine advanced engineering knowledge, R&D capabilities and hands-on experience.  Our design is focused on improving the efficiency of the device but minimizing the cost of manufacturing of prototypes and serial production.


VICUSdt offers custom designed ship propellers, including design, technical advice, manufacturing and support during sea trials. Our engineers have many years of experience in propeller design, manufacture and supply complete propulsion packages, including shaft lines, stern tubes and rudders.

The design of our propellers is done by skilled naval architects using the most advanced CFD tools and taking into account the local flow in the stern of the ship, combined with ship resistance analysis, in such a way that we can provide a guarantee on the ship performance in terms of speed, noise, vibration and fuel economy.

Our propellers are casted in our sister foundry where we have all the necessary equipment to manufacture FFP propellers up to a maximum of 10 tons in weight. The manufacturing process includes the most advanced CNC controlled manufacturing processes such as 5 axis milling, robot polishing  and 3D quality control with laser scanner. Design and production is done according to the requirement and certification by the major Classification Societies.

If your ship is equipped with a controllable pitch propeller and you want to improve the performance of your system, we can improve the design of the blade by using advanced CFD optimization and boost the fuel efficiency of your ship significantly. This can be done independently of the maker of your system and delivery takes place in a reduced period of time and with a very competitive price.

VICUS PROPELLERS are suitable for any kind of vessel, including cargo, yachts, ferries, fishing vessels, oceanographic and seismic vessels. VICUSdt ensures that propellers comply with requirements and specifications for speed, low noise or vibration, geometric and hydrodynamic constrains.

Let us improve your propulsion system!


VICUSdt combines traditional engineering and advanced computer aided engineering technologies such as CFD and FEM analysis to optimize complex artefacts from the Oil & Gas or the offshore marine renewable sector, above or underwater in harsh environments.

Our engineering approach maximizes operational time, minimizes risks and verifies designs in cooperation with leading offshore and naval architecture offices all over the world. We have experience in SPAR buoys, drill ships, floatel vessels, templates, jackets, GBF, submerged structures, seismic research vessels and AHT among others.

Offshore Services:

  • Added mass computations
  • Slamming
  • Green water
  • Vortex induced motion/vibration
  • Moonpool analysis & optimization
  • Thruster interaction simulation
  • Drag analysis for submerged devices
  • Aerodynamic forces and moments
  • Scour


A long relationship developing projects together with different industries makes VICUSdt the best partner for your industrial projects. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in a structural analysis, CFD simulation, custom machine design or an on-site shaft power measurement, you can rely on VICUSdt skills for a successful project.


VICUSdt is a technological, dynamic and innovating company, committed to research and technological development in the shipping and energy sectors.

A highly skilled team of engineers provide a valuable combination of scientific knowledge and engineering skills, giving the best added value to your Research and Development projects.

Our research team is specialized in the analysis and design using the most up-to-date CAD-CAE tools and can help you in the development of mechanical and electrical systems, from concept stage to workshop testing.