Propeller design

We were born as a propeller designer, and that is why this area is still one of our key knowledge areas. The propeller is probably the most critical piece of the ship under water, it is always a compromise between performance, available space, cost and different constrains derived from the ship thrust and power needs. The propeller and interacts with the surrounding environment, especially with the hull, that is why with our integral hydrodynamic approach, we can deal with the propeller design on an optimal way.

Designing a successful propeller is a task requiring a deep hydrodynamic knowledge, that is why our integral methodology covering the hydrodynamic performance of the hull is the key for highly efficient propeller for your ship.

Our screw propellers are tailor designed for each application; an optimized design for maximum efficiency allows you to save money on every rotation:

  • Cavitation and vibration analysis.
  • Calculation of pressure pulses transmitted to the hull.
  • Propellers for special applications (low noise oceanographic research vessels).
  • Experience on approvals with the main classification societies.
  • Hydraulic conical coupling design.

Shafting design & calculations

VICUSdt has a significant experience carrying out all the necessary shafting calculations for every type of propulsion shafting systems for the most important Classification Societies and shipyards all over the world.. Our reference list include every type of ship and propulsion configuration, it doesn’t matter if your project is retrofitting or newbuild, is fitted with a direct drive or reduction gear, thrust bearing, shaft brackets, oil or water sterntube or any other feature; we definitely can help you with all the required shafting calculation.

Our engineers have the right software tools and skills for a successful shafting design and installation.

  • Shafting design.
  • Hydraulic coupling design and calculation.
  • Rational shaft alignment.
  • Whirling and axial vibration calculation..
  • Torsional vibration calculation.

Rudder design

Over the years we have developed a significant research effort developing more efficienct rudder designs. Our wake adapted rudders recover a portion of the energy lost downstream the propeller, this energy recovery can amount to a 3-9 % savings, depending on the sailing condition, propeller design and load. By using the latest hydrodynamic analysis tools, we optimize the design of the rudder integrated with the propeller; in such a way that perfect match between them is achieved.

Rudders designed adapted to the water flow downstream to the propeller, improves the propulsive performance of the whole propeller-rudder system:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher manoeuvrability
  • Reduction of cavitation problems in the blade surface

Our rudder designs can be adapted for existing vessels as well, in such a way that you can  do a rudder blade replacement during a routine dry docking, starting to save energy from minute one.

We can also take care of the design of conventional rudders of any type and with any desired mechanical solution including hydraulic couplings, pintle, flange, integrated rudder support and any other design alternatives.

VICUSdt rudder designs are safe, reliable and efficient.

Mechanical systems design & calculations

VICUSDT regularly collaborates with all kind of companies for the development of their R&D projects. Our expertise combines hands on experience with advanced design and simulation capabilities, thus allowing you to have the best expertise combination from one supplier. From concept to product testing, from initial assessment to advanced fluid structure calculations, Either you need fluid dynamics expert, electrical engineer or a mechanical designer, VICUSdt engineers can integrate into your project team for optimal results.

  • Development of mechanical systems.
  • Rotating machinery.
  • Assistance in the development of new renewable energy generators.
  • Wave energy converters.
  • Design of new lifting devices.
  • Compact combined electrical-thermal power gas unit for ships.
  • Development of compact direct drive turbine.

Typical services we provide on research, development and innovation projects include:

  • Technology research.
  • Concept design.
  • Basic and detail engineering.
  • FEM calculations
  • Fluid-structure interaction calculations.
  • Material selection.
  • Manufacturing drawings.
  • Supplier selection.
  • Quality control.
  • Testing protocol.
  • System monitoring.

When it comes to project management, the best reference we might cite is that we were the technical coordinators for the TEFLES project, a large R&D project funded by the 7th Framework program from the EU:

VICUSdt also participated on another two large European projects together with leading European research institutions and companies. Find more information about RETROFIT and GRIP projects following the links below:

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you on your research and development project.

Special electrical machines design and manufacturing

Based on the permanent magnet technology, VICUSDT is developing new motor designs and more compact and efficient generators. The machines are custom designed for each application, incorporating advanced materials and impressive features like very high torque and submerged applications. Our designs are very interesting for special applications like marine renewable energy converters or special surface vehicles.

We have in house engineering capabilities for developing a state of the art custom electrical machine. Design tools include in house code for preliminary calculations, Siemens NX CAD, CEDRAT Flux and Nastran.

Since refrigeration is a key aspect on every electrical machine, we perform CFD computations on the machine cooling, either on air or water, to ensure that it will perform according to the calculations.

Our range of special electrical machine designs includes:

  • Water resistant designs for submerged application.
  • Compact water cooled vehicle traction machines.
  • Special ship propulsion applications.
  • High torque light weight designs for aerospace industry.
  • Direct drive for innovative water turbine designs.

Contact us with your drive or generation needs!