The Doctor


Intelligent engine monitoring and diagnostics

Fuchs technology presents a revolutionary new range of high precision on-line multi-cylinder engine monitoring systems for portable and fixed installations on board.

An accurate engine performance measurement is key in order to make savings in engine maintenance and operation by means of a properly balanced engine in real time. This leads to less spares expenses and reduced fuel consumption, as it has been proven through measurements.

The ultimate monitoring tool for engine performance presents an online reliable tool for real time engine diagnosis in any kind of Laptop or from the Superintendent computer at the office.


Main parameters of interest can be measured and analyzed real time:

  • Cylinder maximum and compression pressures
  • Indicated power at combustion chamber
  • Fuel injection time
  • Crank shaft movements

Other parameters such as scavenge pressure or exhaust temperatures can be introduced in the measurement through direct input in the interface or by means of analog signals from the particular sensor. The doctor can be tailored to your needs. The flexible and modular design makes it possible to change an add interfaces for different inputs.