This system was jointly developed by VICUSdt, INGETEAM Technology and EMENASA, in cooperation with the fishing vessel owner association of Vigo (ARVI)

Shymgen is a system which is able to adapt a variable voltage frequency electrical power source to a constant reference level on the ship’s network would allow a more efficient performance of the power plant on board, by running the shaft generator at variable rotational speed.

The system is available either for newbuild or retrofitting on existing generators. It can be applied on shaft generators and diesel generating sets, with proven savings ranging from 5 to 20% depending on the ship operational profile.


–        Less power consumption due to better operational point on the CP propeller

–        Better specific fuel consumption on the main engine at partial load.

–        Reduced wear on main engine components, thus reducing maintenance costs.

–        Less cavitation and vibration related problems due to a reduced propeller rotation rate.

–        Available as PTI and take home device or booster operation.

–        Increase ship safety with PMS Operation in parallel between diesel generators and shaft generator, even in fluctuating shaft speed due to bad weather.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quotation! we will do a preliminary analysis of your vessel calculating savings and return of investment.