• Propellers

    VICUSdt offers a customized service for propellers. Including design, manufacturing and technical support. Our engineers have many years
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  • Torquemeters

    The torque meter supplied by VICUS is a torque and power monitoring and control system that features inductive (non-contact) power
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  • HydroComp, Inc.

    HydroComp logo
    HydroComp, Inc. has developed a number of specialized applied hydrodynamic tools to aid in the design and analysis of ship hulls and propellers.
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  • Shymgen

    This system was jointly developed by VICUSdt, INGETEAM Technology and EMENASA, in cooperation with the fishing vessel owner association of Vigo (ARVI).
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  • Rudders

    RUDDER 4
    A well-design of the rudder must ensure the maneuvering response in service conditions of the vessel.
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  • Rim drive thruster

    Based on the permanent magnet technology, VICUSDT is developing new motor designs and more compact and efficient generators.
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  • Electrical machines

    VICUSdt regularly collaborates with all kinds of companies in the shipbuilding sector for the development of their R & D projects.
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  • The Doctor

    The Doctor is a unique new portable multi-channel real-time online analysis system. It is a combined multi channel data acquisition device
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