VICUSdt employs naval architects and mechanical engineers, including PhD and CFD specialists. All the members of our team speak English fluently and some of them also speak French and Portuguese. Feel  free to contact us for any enquiry.

Adrián Sarasquete.
Naval Architect. Manager and Technical Director.

Before becoming partner and manager of VICUSdt in 2007, Adrián worked as a naval architect in the department of basic outfitting design engineering in the Izar Gijón shipyard and as a propeller designer in Baliño S.A.


Cora Villa.
Naval Architect. Sales Manager.

Cora worked as a naval architect in a shipyard and in two auxiliary shipbuilding companies in Vigo.

She also spent a year working in the Transport Office of the Spanish Embassy in London, during which time she collaborated as technical adviser in the Headquarters of the International Maritime Organization IMO.